LogoNature is an educational non-commercial website. It’s aim is to collect information about successful graphic identities and organise that information according to different criteria by allowing the user to search examples according to different specifics like: company name, country of origin, type of activity, sector of activity, designer, agency, country of design, year of production, type of identity, sub-type of identity and key words related to the visuals. The website also allows its users to filter and compare logos from it’s database.

There are thousand if not million of operating logos nowadays. The number of those not in use any more is probably even bigger. Of course not all of these logos are worth mentioning. Nevertheless, there are many interesting examples which deserve not to be forgotten but to be studied.

Every now and then there comes a publication presenting a selection of logos. Unfortunately, despite how good a publication is, there are always a substantial number of good examples which are not included and that is understandable. A publication is limited by time and budget. An online database on the other hand is not constrained that much from such limitations. It could also allow cross-references, comparisons, filtering and advanced search all of which could be very useful for the design community.

Nowadays, more than ever, designers run the risk of creating proposals similar to existing ones. We hope that with our website we could contribute to the creation of more unique graphic identity solutions.

The categorisation of logos is to a curtain extend a subjective process. There are different approaches and herewith we would like briefly to explain the logic of ours. The logos are categorised in three basic groups: logotypes (based on letters, figures or punctuation marks); symbols (based on pictorial forms); logotypes + symbols (consisting of a combination of the first two). Each of those groups is divided into few sub-groups not based so much on formal qualities, but on conceptual ones.

    with figures
    with initials
    with names

        with dots
        with lines
        with shapes

        depicting its name
        depicting its origin
        depicting something else

logotypes + symbols
        with figures
        with initials
        with names
        depicting its name
        depicting its origin
        depicting something else

It is important to note that some logos could be part of more than one subgroup. For example a logotype could include a name and initials and at the same time be semantic.

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